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What we do                                                                  Efficiency

With the support of the Research team, the firm advices its clients on financial instruments and its own revenue is gained solely through its services provided and not from the suggested investments or from funds management firms, thus operating in total absent of conflict of interests.

The selection process of the financial instruments, is based on the independent analysis which constantly monitors the risk-reward ratio for bonds and the identification of talented fund managers.  During the periodic macroeconomics committees, organised with external entrepreneurs and academics, Tosetti Value defined the portfolios' correct Asset Allocation and its tactical fine tuning.

Tosetti Value delivers financial training programmes to its clients, family businesses and professionals operating in the financial sector.

For Institutions                                                       Independency

As an Advisory SIM, Tosetti Value assists institutions in advising equity, bond and flexible management lines.


The advisory activities are focused on Asset Allocation and on the efficient selection of financial instruments. For equity funds, Tosetti Value selects world-wide fund managers, and for the bond side, identifies issues which optimise the risk-reward ratio.

Who we are                                                                           Expertise

Founded in 1997, Tosetti Value is a leading Multi-Family Office and Advisory SIM in Europe, offering its clients financial advice. It is an independent firm with a team of 25 employees including a dedicated internal Research team specialized in the analysis of financial instruments.


Its distinctive features are: independencyno conflicts of interest and high quality services aiming to protectadd value and transfer the wealth and culture of families from generation to generation.


Tosetti Value currently assists 52 families13 companies and 10 institutions with around 5 billion Euros under advisory.




For Family and Business                                                           Growth

As a Multi-family office, Tosetti Value assists some of the most important entrepreneurial italian families in their relationship with financial institutions, in order to maintain and enhance their family and business's wealth, through the diversification of efficient financial instruments selected by the Research team.